A Walk

The new issue of Speculative 66 came out today, and my little piece “A Walk” is in it! Continue reading


Busy Week Ahead

Hello again!  This post is to let you know what I’m going to be up to in the coming week, and it’s a pretty  awesome couple of events!

First off, I’m very excited to say that I’m one of the 600 lucky people who were able to get a ticket to Penguin Bookshop’s An Evening with Stephen King in Sewickley next week!  Continue reading

Bonnie and Clyde

Bonnie and Clyde

by Nate Ealy

What Jeremy Gramm saw in the morning light was not the apartment bedroom he normally woke up to, but instead a hotel room with the curtain ripped off the wall.   Jeremy was in a hotel in flat, northern Oklahoma, which was a far cry away from his office in Pittsburgh, but not out of the ordinary for him.  Traveling was a part of his job.  Where things got abnormal was his present company.  In the bed beside him was a brunette lying naked in the sheets. Continue reading