The House in the Woods

It’s that time of the year again.  Halloween.  My story “The House in the Woods” appears in Lovecraftiana’s Halloween issue.  You can find the magazine here.  It’s about a young, married couple who move to rural Western PA and discover, as the title suggests, that there is a house in the woods across the road.  Too soon, though, they also discover what is inside the house.

2017 Lovecraftania Halloween

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Light, Nighttime Reading

My short story Light, Nighttime Reading appears in the 34th issue of Siren’s Call eZine.  It came out at the end of August, and is free to read.  The story is about a guy who finds a book while cleaning out his attic, and it changes his daily life forever.


You can find the magazine here:

The Dent

Here’s a little story I wrote recently.  It’s called “The Dent”.  It’s more of a thriller than anything else.  BUT!  I also have some publishing news to share!  My short story “The House in the Woods” will appear in the Halloween issue of Lovecratiana: The Magazine of Eldritch Horror.   Continue reading