The Other Side

It’s been awhile since I posted some fiction here on the blog.  So I decided to post this little piece of flash fiction for your reading pleasure.  It’s called The Other Side and clocks in at just under 250 words.

The Other Side

When Wyatt made his annual trip to the wilderness of Minnesota, the snowy cold was as unexpected as sunshine on the beach. The only day of his life that was colder was the day Lily died in the cabin when her heart gave out.

The log cabin was a small brown dot on the white mountainside. It’d been in Wyatt’s family for generations, and every generation only used it for one week a year to hunt, which was Wyatt’s intention for this trip.

Now every year, just before dusk, the old man could see her on the other side of the window dancing in the snow. Every year he invited her inside, but she never came in.

When dusk arrived, he heard her laughter and rushed to the window to find Lily standing outside in a yellow dress waving to him. She wanted him to come outside. So Wyatt did.

The cold numbed his face instantly, but Wyatt trudged through the wind and snow to his wife’s ghost. There she held out her arms and embraced him. Wyatt couldn’t feel her spectral form around him through the shivers. He tried to hold her, comfort her, but couldn’t. Lily then kneeled in the snow and he followed, collapsing down. They laid on their sides facing each other, staring into each other’s eyes.

Wyatt would never get up, freezing to death in the Minnesota snow, but now able to join Lily forever on the mountain.



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