How Last Week Went

Well, last week was full of peaks and valleys.

First, Stephen King was amazing!  He was such a great speaker, and really funny.  He told us stories about his times in Pittsburgh, and instead of doing a reading from his novel End of Watch, he read to us a new short story.  (And let me tell you, that story was really really good.  I liked it a lot.)  The story is called “The Music Room” and will appear in the anthology In Sunlight or In Shadow: Stories Inspired by the Paintings of Edward Hopper on December 6th.


And I got a signed book!  My friend Brady was lucky enough to get one too!


My evening with Stephen King was beyond amazing, and definitely the peak of the week.  Unfortunately, my plans for Saturday and the Rural Pennsylvania Authors Expo in DuBois didn’t come to fruition.  Between family issues and car troubles I wasn’t able to go to the event and check it out.  I was able to find some pictures of the event afterwards, and it looked like it was a fun time though.  Hopefully they’ll do it again next year so I can make it out there.

So like I said at the beginning of this post, last week had its high peaks and low valleys.  I wish I could have made it out to DuBois and meet Brian Keene, but I feel very fortunate to have seen Stephen King.  It was such a crazy week.


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