Bonnie and Clyde

Bonnie and Clyde

by Nate Ealy

What Jeremy Gramm saw in the morning light was not the apartment bedroom he normally woke up to, but instead a hotel room with the curtain ripped off the wall.   Jeremy was in a hotel in flat, northern Oklahoma, which was a far cry away from his office in Pittsburgh, but not out of the ordinary for him.  Traveling was a part of his job.  Where things got abnormal was his present company.  In the bed beside him was a brunette lying naked in the sheets.

“You know, that wasn’t bad last night,” she said.  She then threw the covers off to reveal her naked body, her long legs folded at the knee.  If she’d stand up she would be eye to eye with him.  She was a tall, thin girl.  She smiled at Jeremy.  “But you can do better.”

“That’s why they call it a first time, Becca,” Jeremy said.  He got out of bed and stretched.  He had a thin build, but wasn’t skinny.  There was meat on his bones.  However, unlike Becca, he had put on some boxers after their frisky celebration.  Jeremy almost tripped over the bulging duffel bag of money by the bed on his way to the window.

He looked out the window.  From the third floor window he could see that the only cars in the parking lot were the ones that were there last night when they arrived.  No new ones had crawled in during the early morning hours.  He wanted to pull the curtain and shut out the world, but that was impossible with the white fabric laying on the floor at his feet.  Jeremy threw the duffel bag on the bed and it landed on its side spilling out wads of twenty dollar bills.  With the bag out of the way, he then pulled the chair over from the desk and put it in front of the window.

“Don’t worry about the stupid curtain, baby.  We’ve got the money to pay for damages,” Becca said.

“I’d rather not destroy the room though.” Jeremy didn’t turn around but instead hoisted the curtain back onto the runner.

“Come back to bed,” Becca said.  She fell back down into the sheets, but Jeremy didn’t see that.  He was still looking at the curtain.  “We can rip that curtain back off if you want to.”

Now Jeremy looked back.

“I think we need to get moving,” he said.  He pulled the last loop of the curtain back onto the runner.  Jeremy then stepped down off the chair and back a few feet to see his handiwork.  It was just as convincing as his work last night at the restaurant.

Becca waited a few moments for Jeremy to take to her again, but when he didn’t, she got out of bed and began to dress.  She slipped into her panties and bra before putting her black t-shirt and khaki shorts on.  Becca then pulled her hair back into a ponytail and wrapped a blue bandana around her head.  She checked her looks in the mirror.  She was beautiful.  Once satisfied, she grabbed a key card to the room off the desk.  It said Welcome to Oklahoma on it.

“Well before we hit the road I’m going to have some breakfast and make a phone call,” Becca said.  “You can find me downstairs.”

Jeremy waved her goodbye and when he heard the door close he fell onto the bed.  He stared up at the ceiling hoping to find answers in the white nothing above him.  Yesterday at this time he was a normal twenty-two year old with a low paying job and no girlfriend.  Now he was a full time robber and had a slut for a partner.

He looked at the pile of money that had fallen out of the duffel bag.  Stuffed in that tight ball of fabric was more money than he’d made in his whole first year out of college, and there was even more in the car.  If he kept this up he’d never need another job.  That’s what Becca told him last night as they sped away from their past lives and into this new, unknown adventure.

It’s utterly amazing how a simple hello can change everything.  Jeremy kept playing yesterday over and over again in his mind, and it all started with a hello.  When he pulled into the parking lot of the Family Sitdown, he was alone and on the road for a business trip.  The hostess asked him if he was needing a table for one, but in a moment of confidence, he told her that he was sitting with the brunette by the window.  Jeremy sat down and said hello.  A few laughs later and after their orders came, Jeremy joked about stealing all the money in that joint and making off with it.  Becca liked that, and so they did it.

No one immediately called the cops on them or chased them down in their car, but Jeremy knew that the police would be looking for them this morning.  It was a country diner, but it was still an eating establishment.  Someone would notice the money was gone, so they had to get going.  Jeremy put on his jeans and t-shirt and grabbed the other key card off the desk.

He took the elevator down the two floors to the ground level.  When he got out he could see Becca sitting by herself in the dining area.  She was the only girl wearing a blue bandana.  Jeremy went through the line and picked up an apple, banana, and some bacon.  The trays of eggs and pancakes were empty, and the waffle iron was broken.  He had to settle for whatever grub he could find.

“You about done?” he said as he sat down beside Becca.

Becca looked up and smiled to him.

“Yes, I’ve just finished up,” she said.  She leaned in closer to Jeremy.  “It’s supposed to be a beautiful day outside.  I checked the weather.  Let’s drive to Vegas.”

“Vegas would be nice.”  Jeremy bit into his apple.  “I’m sure there’s plenty of places to hit up along the way too.  So, is Oklahoma not exciting enough for you anymore then?”

“No silly,” Becca said.  “It’ll be our getaway plan.  I’ve been doing some thinking.  We can leave our ID’s in your car and then leave your car out for a tornado to grab.  That way when the coppers find it they’ll think we died in the storm.  Maybe we can watch it get picked up by that damn funnel cloud and fly through the air too.”

“So we fake our deaths to get away clean?”

“Exactly.  Then we can take the rest of the money and start a new life under the lights of Las Vegas.  Because we’re sinners baby, for better or worse, and we got to stick together.  Plus, I like you.” Becca giggled.

Jeremy ate his breakfast while Becca explained her plan.  It included more law breaking than he wanted to add to his resume, but his choices weren’t as plentiful as a Vegas buffet anymore.  Instead they were as bad as the hotel’s breakfast options.  He also had to face the grim reality that she at least had a plan.  He didn’t.

Becca stood up and threw away her empty plate.  Jeremy stole a glance of her walking towards the garbage can across the dining area.  Other guys were stealing glances in the dining area as well.  Jeremy considered himself lucky to have met her, even if she wasn’t the greatest of influences.  She was a beautiful girl and improved his love life over the course of the night, both pluses.

Becca sat back down across from him at the table.

“But I’ve been thinking a lot.  If we’re going to go on the run together we’re going to need some rules,” Becca said.  She sat back and began to twirl her ponytail.  She took the bandana out of her hair and set it on the table.  “First, we must have morning sex.  I love morning sex.”

Jeremy nodded his head and kept eating.

“You ruined my morning, baby.  You’ve got to try harder for me,” Becca said.  “I have to know we’re a team.”

“I’ll do you every night, but I’m just not a morning person,” Jeremy said with a smile full of breakfast.

Becca scowled.

“Whatever, we don’t have to do this in public.  We can talk about this in the car.  Secondly, I say we split the money evenly.  Fifty-fifty,” Becca said.  Jeremy nodded his head.  That part was already to be understood by his estimation.  Becca placed her hand on Jeremy’s hand.  “You know after we get the next place we’ll be like as good as Bonnie and Clyde were.”

“I’d rather be Becca and Jeremy.  Those other two got shot,” he said.

Becca laughed.  Jeremy loved the way her laugh sounded.  Some people liked Mozart or Bach, but Jeremy could listen to her laugh all day long and be just as satisfied.  It was one of the reasons he gave up his past life last night at the restaurant, but he didn’t fully realize it until this morning.

Jeremy finished his light breakfast and threw his styrofoam plate away.  The dining area was crowded now and there wasn’t an open table left waiting for new occupants.  Jeremy loved talking to Becca, but she was right.  That was something they could do in the car.  He felt like all the eyes in the room were examining him, trying to find evidence that he robbed the restaurant last night, and piecing together the crime.

“I think we should head out,” Jeremy said.  “Vegas is a long drive.”

“But it’s an easy one.  We’ll just take I-40 until it hits 15 and then we’ll be in Sin City.” Becca stood up.  “Unless we were going to kill ourselves before that?”

“That was the plan, right?” Jeremy smiled.  “We’ll have to find another ride to Vegas though.”

“Don’t worry about that part.  That’s easy,” Becca hugged him.  Jeremy, trapped in her embrace, finally knew he had made the right decision last night.

“I’ll leave that up to you then,” he said.

“I like that idea.  So, how about you go up to the room and grab the money, baby?  I’ll be waiting outside by the car,” Becca said.  She gave Jeremy a kiss on the lips.  He gave her the car keys.

“Start the AC while you’re out there.  I bet it’s going to be a hot one today,” he said.

“It’s summer in Oklahoma.  Of course it’s going to be hot,” Becca laughed.

She then put her bandana back on, a little off to the side, and then walked through the

lobby and out to the parking lot.  The morning light hit her body and made her look more tan than she really was.  If they actually made it all the way to Las Vegas, maybe she really would get that tan.

Jeremy went back on the elevator and rode it up to the third floor.  He swiped his room key in the door and a little green light lit up on the lock.  The door unlocked and Jeremy opened it.  Inside, sitting on the bed were two men in police uniforms counting the money from the duffel bag.  They looked up and made eye contact with him.  Jeremy froze in the doorframe.

“Looks like that anonymous tip was a good one after all,” one of the officers said.

Jeremy turned around and there was another cop, a big meaty cop with a shining bald head, standing behind him in the hallway.  He was an Oklahoma State Trooper.  All the blood left Jeremy’s face.  His mouth dropped open.

“Jeremy Gramm you’re under arrest for theft and kidnapping.”

The officer then grabbed Jeremy by the shoulders and turned him around.  In his shock, Jeremy didn’t resist the officer when he put the cuffs around his wrists.  They were too tight, and were slowly cutting off circulation, but he didn’t think of that.  Instead he thought of what was happening to Becca in the parking lot.  She could be moments away from having a matching pair of cuffs on her wrists, if she didn’t already.  While he was thinking of his partner, the officer walked Jeremy into the room and beside the bed.

“It all there, boys?” the State Trooper asked.

“Nawh, about half of its missing and there’s no trace of the girl, boss.”

The cops looked at Jeremy for an answer, but Jeremy was looking out the window.  The officers had opened the curtains and in the bright sunlight he could see his car driving out of the parking lot below, with Becca and half of the money in it.






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